ANOSINO (Moscow region), 25 Sep – RIA Novosti. Google considers itself to be late with the development of blocking technology, Vnesheconombank’s CEO Sergey Gorkov said after meeting with one of the company’s top managers.

“On Saturday, I met and breakfasted with the head of innovation on Google, he told me one phrase that struck me.When I told him that we are engaged in blocking, he said:” There is one thing that we have for ourselves in Google determined. We were late for the blockade, “Gorkov said.

“And it’s probably twice as pleasant for me to hear this, if Google says that we are late for the blockade and you are ahead of us, then it surely says that we are getting into the task that is,” the head of the state corporation added.

Block – a system for organizing a distributed database. VEB actively promotes the introduction of this technology in Russia, which allows, in particular, to seriously optimize the costs of corporate and public administration. The state corporation has already concluded partner agreements with the leading technology platforms and companies – Ethereum and BitFury. A lot of projects are being developed in VEB’s development, including the development of black hole technology in APFs, health care, government agencies, public procurement, real estate registration, and forestry.

As Gorkov said in early September in an interview with RIA Novosti, Russia in 2018 may become the world leader in the implementation of blockade technology, and the mass distribution of it, according to the head of the state corporation, is possible in 2019-2020. In October, VEB intends to prepare directions for the development of blocking companies, as well as negotiating with Rostelecom, Mail of Russia and a number of other companies on the possibility of using detachment, Gorkov said.