Clash Royale users have been waiting all summer for a new update that will bring great changes to the game. There is little left for this to become real, the Supercell developers have shown us what the new gameplay will be like. Clash Royale’s Touchdown mode is based on American football, this new gameplay changes the gameplay of Clash Royale just as we had seen it before . Many game cards are discarded due to their role in the game, and others have changed their role in the new mode.

Supercell has expressly created this mode of play for competitive players, thus creating a new mode that could be part of the eSports . This mode has been introduced with players known from the competitive world of Clash Royale to show us what it consists of.

How Touchdown works

The mechanics are simple: an American football field and two teams formed by two players each. We have to send some of our troops to the other side of the field, the opponent will try to do the same and to avoid it you have to fold your cards. If we manage to get a troop, a score is scored and the field is restarted. Some cards have changed their function, barrel, graveyard and miner can only reach the center of the field, others like the mounts have been directly eliminated. The spells will be of great help to us in this way, the tornado, the ray and freeze seem to work very well. One letter that has stood out well in the presentation has been the woodcutter , since his potion of rage accelerates the troops that are around him.

There is less left for the arrival of the next update, it will bring us much content. They will also add daily quests and adjustments to the cards to balance the game . In other post we have taught you how to play Log Bait decks and how the cycles of the coffers work .