“Connect to tomorrow,” the Akamai customer conference, gives businesses tools and ideas to help protect their data and improve web performance.

Akamai has opened its annual “Akamai Edge 2017” customer conference with more than 3,000 IT executives in Las Vegas for the tenth consecutive year. For two days will cover topics such as internet traffic, cybersecurity and IoT.

Digital experiences can now make or break a business, most users end up abandoning their tasks if they have to wait only three seconds for a website to load, exceeding thresholds of patience becomes increasingly difficult. Akamai Edge explores the challenges companies face when they try to make their online services faster and safer for their consumers.

The technology gathering began with Tom Leighton, CEO and co-founder of Akamai, who was very proud to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the event. “Ten years ago we first held our annual customer conference when Steve Jobs just introduced his first iPhone and twitter had just begun,” added the Akamai CEO. “Ten years later, this is just the tip of the iceberg.”

For Akamai, the rule of the instant is very important. In addition Leighton emphasized that “today there are many disruptive elements, we need to be developers of the demand, to help our customers but above all to offer instant services to the users. A few years ago we were talking about the rule of two seconds, now we speak of the rule of the instant. ”

Bot Manager Premier

During the event, participants were able to view the demo of Bot Manager Premier, the latest in cloud security from Akamai, designed to help organizations manage the impact of bots across their digital environment from the web site to applications mobile phones. The premier botnetfunctionality is that it has a much more advanced bot  detection with behavioral anomaly analysis designed to thwart the misuse of credentials.

“Today’s attackers have more sources, in fact most cyber attacks today come from bots , two-thirds of logins are malicious,” said Josh Shayl, vice president of product security at Akamai. “We are proud of Bot Manager Premier because it is able to detect bot activity disguised as human interaction, even if bots continually modify behavior to evade virus detection.”

Internet continues to become an increasingly crowded space and the internet of things continues to grow, so for Akamai it is important to ensure an optimal experience for end users. According to a recent survey by Ponemon Institute for Akamai, 54% of respondents said that “Credential Stuffing” attacks are not only increasing, but increasingly serious.

“In order to be successful in today’s scenario, companies interact with their customers online , for this we expose our infrastructure much more unfortunately, we can be misused, we are exposed to risk , with solutions like Bot Manager Premier we try to help organizations better manage that risk, “said Francisco Arnau, CEO of Akamai Spain during an interview with Computerworld.