Staying without lives or having them just right can become a big problem in Crash Bandicoot. In today’s post we bring you the solution to your problem, you will not leave a level almost at the end because you ran out of lives. The mechanics are very simple and can be done in the 3 games of Crash Bandicoot N’Sane Trilogy .

To glitchear the lives counter and get more than 99 we must get out of the level when getting the lives, before I fill the counter, save game and load the game . In this way the lives achieved in the level will be restarted and will continue there. We can repeat this process as many times as we want.

99 lives in Crash Bandicoot

In the first game, the simplest way is to have the green gem, for this we have to pass the level “The lost city” without dying and breaking all the boxes. After getting the green gem we will go to “Castle Machinery”. At this level, when you start, a green gem platform will appear, if you ride you will take us to a corridor full of lives . Here we will use the above mentioned trick, we collect all the lives, we leave the level, we save and load the game. All this has to be done before all lives reach the accountant. When we return to the level we can continue using the platform and will be all lives.

In the other two games of Crash the mechanics are the same, but we will not have a level with so many lives as with the first. What we have to do is locate a level where we can pick up several lives from oneand proceed to the previous trick. In addition, getting the 99 lives will reward us with a gold trophy, something indispensable for platinum.