Jim Goodnight does not buy fashions. The founder of the SAS Institute believes that the companies talk about AI to promote their brands since it is the technology that stands out at the moment.

One of the most prominent voices in the global IT industry, Jim Goodnight , founder of the SAS Institute and a great precursor of data analytics, does not, however, communicate with the technological and media explosion of artificial intelligence. “All companies say they make AI because it’s the latest fad,” he told ComputerWorld UK last week at the Analytics Experience conference in Amsterdam. “Before, everyone was talking about cloud computing . It was all clouds. Analysts, journalists and publishers have grown tired of it. Now everything is intelligence. ”

In fact, the manager goes further and believes that all companies are taking advantage of this growing interest in promoting their brands , including IBM Watson, which he says is essentially a search engine whose intelligence is “primarily marketing.” Although, the artificial intelligence is exploding in these moments SAS has been implementing it for years. “We have been involved in this technology for more than a decade. All of our bank fraud detection models are AI based, built with neural networks. But it is giving too much hype to everything that surrounds machine learning . ”

On the contrary, Goodnight continues betting by a strategy of data analysis. “Our software helps customers become disruptors.”