Huawei introduces its new Mate 10 models, smartphones that fuse hardware with advances in predictive intelligence, opening a new category of intelligent smartphone and advanced.

Although it was an open secret, since the Chinese company already showed last September the development of its processor Kirin 970, the first with neural processing unit, has been today when it has been released its new Mate 10 with this chip, which promises new experiences of use based on applying artificial intelligence measures as the mobile is used by the user.

What changes our habits?

During the presentation, the directors of Huawei have been responsible for highlighting how the device has the power to apply machine learning technologies to improve the use of it, so that Mate 10 learns the user’s usual behaviors to conform and offer the best experience.

Thus, the new Mate 10 are the first smartphone company to add the artificial intelligence  (AI)  chip to complement the usual CPU, GPU and DSP image processing unit. The new neural network processing unit (NPU) also helps ensure the best performance.

On the one hand, it allows monitoring device management by collecting information based on patterns of usage behavior, ensuring that it is running optimally and efficiently, allocating resources intelligently. This helps increase user experience and productivity . On the other hand, AI  is there to allow certain applications, mainly images and linguistics, to acquire knowledge both through use in the device and to feed a large amount of information. In terms of images, and by using a new conjunction with the Leica camera of the terminal, the NPU helps the camera understand what it is that focuses on applying the settings automatically to take the best possible photo without the need for the user to handle advanced settings.

EMUI 8.0 also leverages AI

Beyond Luso of the new EMUI 8.0 interface layer , the Chinese manufacturer has shown how it works the new pre-installed standard translator and designed by Microsoft , allowing to translate words and phrases in real time. “With the new NPU , the speed of translation increases by up to 300%,” said Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei and a regular speaker at the company’s presentations of new terminals.

Physically, the two versions of Mate 10 come with the same screen size of 5.9 inches , yes, with FullView Display technology to eliminate the side frames of your screen and get offered in a body equivalent to a smartphone of 5.5 ” current. The fingerprint sensor, maintained by Huawei , goes from the rear to the lower front, as the brand already did with the P10 and P10 Plus modelsintroduced earlier this year.

The usual alliance with Leica is materialized in the new Mate 10 in the form of the inclusion of a Leica double camera configuration with sensors of 20 megapixels and aperture f / 1.6. In addition, it highlights the implementation of a large capacity battery of 4,000 mAh and the support of the IP53 certification in the case of Mate 10, and IP67 in the Mate 10 Pro.

The Mate 10 come to the Spanish market in finishes in mocca, pink, gold and black for a recommended price of 699 euros for the configuration of 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage. The Mate 10 Pro , which initially will not be available in our country, will have 6 GB of RAM, 128 GB of storage and price of 799 euros. There will also be a special Mate 10 Porsche Edition, with a black finish and adding more RAM and storage (6 GB and 256 GB respectively) . Among the countries in which it will be initially marketed is Spain, at a price of 1,395 euros.