The solution known as SUSE Enterprise Storage 5 is an SDS unlimited intelligent storage cluster proposal and backed by leading backup solution agents.

The new software-defined storage (SDS) solution announced by SUSE , offers an unlimited storage cluster for customers who routinely work with application development, unified storage of objects, blocks, and files, with scalable capacity. It also has advanced features to allow system recovery and ensure high availability of applications even when a hardware failure is experienced. It is based on the new Luminous version of the Ceph open source project.

Among the advantages that typical customers of the SUSE Enteprise Storage 5 service will findis that it includes storage for virtual machines as well as large data backup. The development of this new version of Enterprise Storage 5 has taken into account major alliances with major manufacturers of backup software to ensure maximum compatibility between systems when making disk-to-disk copies. With them, SUSE aims to eliminate the use of devices associated with proprietary solutions, typically in charge of deduplication services. Thus, Storage 5 is certified by leading enterprise security companies as they can beCommvault and Veritas , among others.

Sebastian Martínez, head of business development at SUSE in Spain, comments that “the demand for data storage is growing rapidly for companies, which forces them to increase the budget to meet the demand for data.” With SUSE Enterprise Storage 5, the company offers a highly scalable and scalable storage environment designed to allow customers to move from terabytes to petabytes of information quickly. Wagering on a software-defined intelligent storage solution that uses disk drives and generic integrated servers, enables organizations to reduce IT cats.

The new solution is built into OpenStack and offers native support for the Cinder module for images and volumes. It also integrates with the OpenStack virtualization infrastructure to connect block devices to virtual machines.

During the event that took place in Madrid, the University of Valencia has shown how it has achieved improvements in the speed of deployment of its virtual machines up to 60% , replacing traditional storage used in virtual machine environments. Likewise, Fujitsu has been present at the event, showing its PRIMEFLEX solution for SUSE Enterprise Storage and OpenStack Cloud. The joint offer of both companies consists of infrastructure, software and services that offer the implementation of this new solution, a joint proposal that is marketed with wholesalers such as ARROW .