The last report prepared by the professional social network LinkedIn, published in 2016, highlighted that among the skills most demanded by companies are those directly related to new technologies : cloud computing , Internet of Things, big data , artificial intelligence, Web Architecture and Development Framework , SEO and SEM, User Interface Design , among others, are some of the most requested knowledge in the current labor market.

“The IT sector has become one of the main engines of job creation in the world. We are seeing as every year the number of vacancies that require professionals specialized in all technologies increases, and we are also witnessing the appearance of new jobs never imagined, “explains Marlon Molina , director of Computerworld University. “That’s why we wanted to launch this exclusive portal to directly connect companies and IT workers,” Molina adds.

This new portal joins the more than 290 that already make up the labor community in Spain, thus contributing to the dynamism of the labor market through a wide and varied network of employment sites that share in most cases their vacancies, thus improving its visibility.

“With the launch of the special portal for IT profiles we want to bet on one of the areas that grows most in Spain and the rest of the world, and that will continue to progress in the digital era in which we develop our activity today,” says Miguel López , director of Alianzas de España.