According to its founder, Jeff Garzik, this will be the first currency capable of moving between different systems of ‘blockchain’.

Bitcoin , -more famous cryptocurrency for the moment that is supported by technology blockchain , has turned out many competitors. Names like Zcash, Dash or Ethereum threaten the throne of a currency that is based on the exchange between people or companies without the intervention of third parties. Even one of the key people in the development of blockchain networks , Jeff Garzik, has questioned the value of bitcoin , and, on its own, has decided to launch another system of virtual currencies, as echoes Bloomberg.

The technologist already talks about Metronome , which makes the difference, according to him, in that he will be the first to be able to move between different blockchain systems . This means that if a block chain dies, Metronome owners can move their stock elsewhere. “This system would help the currencies to retain their value and ensure their longevity,” Garzik told the media in what is the preview of a presentation that will take place next week in Las Vegas (United States).

“Investors will be satisfied, we have built a currency that will last a thousand years,” he said. Every month new nets and cryptomonedas are launched, which creates uncertainty and causes excessive fluctuations in their prices. Also, struggles between developers and slowness of improvements have limited the use of these currencies and both bitcoin and several of their rivals have been divided into several versions. For example, if Bitcoin’s price has multiplied by six this year, one of its versions has gone down 23% since its inception in July.

However, the Metronome project will not be without challenges . First, you will have to deal with the 35 million bitcoin users active per month. In addition, these coins will be produced and supported by autonomous distributed software that is not controlled by anyone and can not be changed, although the rest of the project will be based on open source .

Metronome users will receive a digital receipt when they withdraw coins from a blockchainnetwork , and immediately, they can put that money in another block. “If I had a blank sheet of paper I would design the same without a doubt,” Garzik concluded.