Today green tea is one of the most popular drinks. And this is not accidental. After all, this drink since time immemorial is considered almost a panacea for all diseases. Even the ancient healers claimed that it lowers blood pressure, strengthens immunity, helps with stress and promotes bone growth. However, modern scientists have found that some of the beneficial properties of green tea is at least exaggerated.

How to drink and brew green tea properly

First, in order to get the maximum effect from green tea, you need to know the basic rules for its preparation. If you want to cheer up, drink tea 2 minutes after brewing, if calmed down – then after 5 minutes. Leaves that have stayed in the kettle for more than 6 minutes, lose essential oils at all. To achieve other useful goals, tea should be drunk within 15 minutes after you brewed it.

The myth that green tea can be stored in a teapot for a day is just a myth. After 5 hours any tea becomes dangerous to the body. Minerals contained in the drink, with time, oxidize and turn into a real poison.

In addition, some marketers say that green tea can be drunk at any time. In addition to the benefits, he said, nothing will. However, this statement can not be considered absolutely correct. Green tea should not be taken immediately after a meal. Nutritionists say that in this case there will be no benefit from the drink. Tea is best consumed with an interval of 30 minutes from the main meal.

Another myth about green tea says that its use contributes to burning fats and losing weight. However, the effectiveness of tea in combating obesity is greatly exaggerated. In order to achieve a very small effect, you need to drink about 2 liters of high-quality green tea per day. The use of this amount of drink can cause serious health problems.

Mythical properties of green tea

Today, there is a stable opinion in society that green tea is useful to everyone without exception. However, doctors say that this is far from the case. So people suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system, to tea should be treated with great care. The fact is that green tea, like any other, contains caffeine, which can cause heart rhythm disturbances.

In addition, the abuse of green tea can lead to the formation of kidney stones and liver diseases. This is confirmed by the research of American scientists from the University of New Jersey. As a result of a long experiment, it was found that if you replace all the necessary liquid for the body with green tea, then the probability of poisoning with polyphenols sharply increases, which cause irreversible changes in the kidneys and liver.

Green tea does reduce blood pressure, but these rates are so insignificant that it’s even worth talking about the benefits of a drink in this regard. Nevertheless, doctors advise not to get involved in green tea to people suffering from low blood pressure, as well as those who have diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. In such people, tea can cause heartburn and stomach pain. It is not recommended to drink green tea and those who have augmented the thyroid gland, as well as pregnant and lactating women.

Green tea is universally advertised as a wonderful anti-cancer drug. However, the relationship between drinking green tea and the effectiveness of cancer treatment by scientists was not found. But it is precisely established that, for example, ginseng tea, on the contrary, can even contribute to the development of tumors. It is especially cautious to treat women with it for 50, because ginseng increases the production of estrogens, which affects health extremely unfavorably