Recently, Niantic added the exclusive raids , known mostly as raids where Mewtwo will be, the great Legendary Pokémon that most gamers want. The theme is that invitations to the incursions that have been long awaited were sent to gyms that are no longer available, gyms that no longer exist, so invitations will not work at all. If you are interested in learning more about this problem that is affecting users of Pokémon GO, here we will explain everything you need.

Invitations to EX raids that arrived where they should not

Niantic continues to further develop the Pokémon GO Exclusive Excursions (EX) , because by adding this update, problems have arisen with the invitations that were sent to the gyms.

Pokémon GO players had trouble receiving the invitation specifically to the St. Matthew Lutheran Church in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin , where they should actually find themselves in the gym with which they will attend the exclusive raid event. The problem is that the gym that should be in that place, is not, there is no trace of it. On the other hand, Niantic Labs, canceled the Raid that had problems without moving the players to another Gym.

For the time being, the reason for the error is not known exactly , but everything has a relationship with someone having made a complaint as part of the church, and for that reason Niantic Labs would have eliminated that Gymnasium point so as not to cause more problems in that place. Similarly, the study of the problem is still under development, and Niantic will do its best to fix the problems caused, the good thing is that for now the only mistake that has affected the users of the game is St. Matthew, and it is expected that remains the only point that has been deleted.

It is good to be informed of the things that happen in Pokémon GO, and more if it is one of our favorite video games. Sure, Niantic fixes the bug as quickly as possible, so no worries.