“The Internet of Things is actually more interesting when it interacts with people,” says Bret Greenstein, vice president of IBM’s Watson IoT.

IBM is attempting to become the brain behind the Internet of Things (IoT) in all gaps in the business world, using its expertise in artificial intelligence to provide analysis of large amounts of data, perform new implementations and help address decision making.

The company believes that Watson’s artificial intelligence is the ideal backend for IoT , a niche market that only a few companies address directly. In fact, there are many IT companies that do offer solutions to connect new devices to the network but few that provide technology to make sense of the large amounts of data emanating from such devices. According to Bret Greenstein, vice president of Watson IoT at IBM , this technology is at the heart of the company’s entire IoT offering.

” We have taken Watson to a new level,” the executive acknowledges, “at a platform level, so that it is integrated into our operations and engineering solutions, we have new offerings that are pure Watson, such as analytics and conversation services because , in the end, the Internet of things is really more interesting when interacting with people. ”

Predictive maintenance is IBM’s big value proposition today . The idea behind the company is to help save money and to be able to predict the costs to its customers. “For us this has always meant asking ‘what do the data mean?’ and how we use them to save, initially, and then to generate new revenue, “according to Greenstein. This means, according to the manager, that IBM has to show results fast.

Greenstein recalls that IBM has long worked with business decision makers in companies, not just IT departments, and that this practice is very useful in the world of IoT. Companies with ‘heavy’ assets such as vehicle fleets, large-scale industrial equipment, etc. already use Watson IoT vertical solutions, but according to Greenstein, other sectors, such as those related to the supply chain, can also benefit from them. The automotive sector is especially important to IBM, according to Greenstein; for this, says the spokesperson, already have many applications available related to IoT.

“Watson is key to capturing all the vehicle information and its environment and providing analysis that will make driving safer, improve the management of the car and the experience you have in it,” according to the manager.