Last Day on Earth has received a new update , where a new zone has been added and the map structure restored. This is where the watchtowers take on importance in the game, since through them we will be able to unlock the new zones of the game, and to achieve this, we must keep in mind that we must build the generator to be able to pass activating the watchtower. For this reason, we decided to collect the best information so that you can create the electrical generator without problems.

Build the electric generator

It is simpler than it seems, since you do not need to go to complicated areas to get the objects that the building requires. Many players are confused when implanting it, so it should be noted that the electric generator is built at the base, not at the watchtower. Of course, when we have already built it, we will have to put it on the back of the bike, and so move it to the base of the watchtower to activate it. What is needed to implement it and begin to build, is the following:

  • 10 iron plates.
  • 15 screws.
  • 5 aluminum ingots.
  • 5 spanners.

The truth is that it does not ask for as many materials as vehicles do , but it does take a little time to collect them to complete the construction. The following resources will be needed to terminate the electric generator, and are as follows:

  • 5 engine parts.
  • 15 aluminum plates.
  • 50 screws.
  • 40 insulation tape.
  • 25 cables.
  • 10 spanners.
  • 30 plates of iron.
  • 40 Gasoline.
  • 15 parts of gum.
  • 20 Bearing.

In itself, if we spend enough time, we will collect all the materials between a day and a week , since the most complicated to obtain would be the aluminum and the engine parts, so do not worry much.

For now, we only understand that it works for one thing , because at the moment it will only serve to activate the watchtowers to unlock new parts of the map. It is a very important piece in the game for that reason, so it is clear that it is very worth devoting the time to build the electric generator.

With everything mentioned in this guide, it is sure to be easier to build the electric generator that will help us to unlock new zones in Last Day on Earth. Everything takes time, so do not despair.