Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is a spin-off developed by Ubisoft, a game that combines role, exploration and strategy, combining Mario’s universe with the Rabbids. In Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle the system to level up the characters is totally different from other games , you will not level up completing combat. You’ll level up at the end of the worlds, but you’ll need the power orbs. These orbs are used to unlock new character abilities to make them more powerful.

How to get power orbs?

To achieve power orbs we will have to fight against the heads of the middle and end of each world . Our first orbs will succeed in defeating the first chief of the first world. They will reward us with our first 10 orbs of power, we will have to head to the headquarters, it is near the castle of Peach. There is a tree of skills, with the orbs of power we will unlock new skills and thus make our characters more powerful. The idea is that you distribute them equitablyamong those who use the most, do not focus on one, since in the future you could have problems when it comes to fighting. We will also gain power orbs as we overcome each chapter, completing the challenges of the Toad-clad Rabbids and opening chests. In the coffers there is not much chance of orbs coming out of power, but it is possible.

These are ways to get power orbs and where to unlock new skills to the characters of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. The best way to get these orbs is by facing the final bosses . The more and better skills your characters have, the more power they have, the better. Orbs do not even focus on a single character. In other post we have taught you how to beat the Ghost and what are the attacks of Mario .