To progress in Destiny 2 and get better equipment we must play the different modes that the game offers us. The _farmeo_ is an important part to go making us with more powerful weapons, if we have a high level of light we can access more rewards. The challenges and feats are changing every day , are one of the methods to get engrams.

What are engrams?

Exotic engrams are one of the most valuable but also scarce resources of the game. They are not easy to get, today we are going to teach you the most cost effective method to obtain them. They can be achieved in many ways, we will depend on luck, playing the crucible will increase the probability of getting engrams. When participating in games of the Crucible will not give Crisol chips, we will give them to Lord Shax in the social zone, increase reputation and give us engrams of legend .

If our character has a power level above 260 points we will greatly increase the probability that by participating in this game mode we can touch an exceptional engram. If we remain the first of the games we will guarantee more. In completing challenges and feats, Lord Shaxx will exchange them for legend engrams. The more we play the more chips we get, these challenges consist of using certain weapons or performing certain actions during the game, they change every day. The greater the reputation of the faction of the Crucible, the better the engrams . In this way we will increase our power of light and thus obtain better rewards.

Playing the Crucible at the end of the campaign is a good option to increase the level and get good equipment. For now is the most profitable methods . This resource is not easy to get, the crucible is a fast way to get engrams. In other post we have taught you how to upload light points and how to get legendary fragments .