Cuphead has come to get great popularity in a short time , and one of the things that most defines it, are its complicated bosses. For this reason, today we come to talk about Floral Fury, a difficult opponent to overcome if you do not know how to attack. So if you are interested in defeating it without problems, it is important that you take the following tips that we will give you in the information in this guide.

Phase One

When combat begins, enemy attacks are basic and as we overcome them will become more difficult. When you take your head back, it will execute an attack, you must be aware of the vertical part of the screen to see where you can attack in full screen Pay close attention to your vertical position on the screen to determine where to attack the full screen. If we see that the head is above the platforms in the air, it is that the attack will reach the center of the screen, so we will have to keep under the platforms.

If the head goes towards the back, it is that the enemy will make the attack below the platforms , so it is necessary to avoid it keeping us on the platforms. It is important that we try to shoot as long as we can so that we do as much damage as possible to the enemy. If the opponent turns his head on a machine gun, it means that the seedlings rain from the sky.

On the other hand, the second attack that we will see will be the trio of seeds . To dodge these seeds, simply jump continuously to the platform that is in the middle or the right. These seeds house on your character and move at a decent speed.

Phase Two

If the enemy pulls its petals and is more upset than usual, it means that the second stage of combat will begin *. Here it is important that we stand on the platforms, as the boss will put his vines on the ground and the roots will move at the bottom.

Sometimes, the vines will move to one or two platforms , and then they will sprout across the platform after a few seconds. At the moment this happens, it will also have to avoid the projectiles of pollen that the enemy will throw from his mouth. So the most recommended is to jump back to the left platform, after they come back down. It should be noted that white pollen must always be avoided, and pink pollen can pass because it is not very critical.

Taking these tips into account, it is important that we remain vigilant, as there are many attacks and things that The Floral Fury will launch us to do us harm.