“The United States is not prepared at all for the economic and social effects of artificial intelligence . ” The former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton , has been so emphatic in an interview echoed by The Verge. “The world is running like headless chicken towards a new era that will affect how we live, think and relate to others,” he said.

Clinton has assured that great personalities from the world of technology such as Bill Gates, Elon Musk or Stephen Hawking have already warned of the dangers of this new science. “An alarm has sounded that we have not heard. And he says that artificial intelligence is not our friend . ” The policy has referred to two direct areas of impact: digital surveillance and the automation of jobs.

“What are we going to do when we have cars without a driver?” He asked himself. “It seems like a great idea, but how many millions of people, including truck drivers, delivery drivers and taxi drivers, will be left unemployed? We are not prepared for it . ”

Also, Clinton has shown concern about the impact on the economy . For years, experts and academics have warned that advances in machine learning and robotics will have a very negative impact on the labor market. The threat, they say, is not only for manual tasks, but for professions such as law or accounting, which have a lot of repetition in their activity. Although there is no agreement on the size of the effects, it is clear that this is a problem that needs to be studied. A study by the National Economic Office estimates that between three and 5.6 human jobs are lost for each new industrial robot. “One of the things that I would have liked to do if I were president is to establish a commission with experts to decide what kind of policies to apply in the country regarding artificial intelligence.”