When you run every day in the park, frequently swimming or being constant in another sport activity, you will always want to know how much your daily physical performance has improved. Although there are different devices in the market to measure these results, it is rumored that Fitbit, the startup of fitness technology, promises to go further by measuring other quite interesting variables.

The company – which in December 2016 absorbed Pebble – is working on its own smartwatch with new sensors that could offer a better visual follow-up, with more precise readings on our health, to become the strongest competitor of the consent Appel Watch.

Fitbit prepares new smartwatch

The Fitbit smart watch design is aligned with the overall model that manages the brand. The front box features a color touch screen and has three buttons that accompany it – one to the left and two to the right. According to Wareable, it will be available in three colors: silver case and marine strap; pink gold case and blue strap and black or dark gray box with black strap.

The new smartwatch looks very similar to the Fitbit Blaze that was launched in 2016, but there is a big difference in the bottom of the product. The metal body of the new watch extends a little further out to allow the heart rate sensor to obtain more accurate readings. In addition, this model reveals that Fitbit will implement red optical sensors and move away from green optical sensors, such as those used by Apple Watch.

Is it more than just a change of color?

Moving from green to red optical sensors means that Fitbit’s smart watch will use infrared technology,suggesting that it will not only be able to read heart rates more accurately, but will also be able to track oxygen levels and other vital signs.

In addition to this, we can expect the Fitbit smartwatch to provide standard step count information, sleep tracking, on-screen exercises, notification support for the connected phone, and more.

Although no date or exact launch price for the Fitbit smartwatch has yet been released, the company confirmed to Wareable that the watch is “on the way and will be available for the holiday season.”