‘Business Critical Services’ and ‘High-value Services’ will try to anticipate failures, mitigate risks and reduce maintenance costs.

Cisco has launched its first portfolio of predictive IT services based on artificial intelligenceand machine learning with the goal that companies anticipate failures, mitigate risks and reduce maintenance costs. The suites , Business Critical Services and High-value Services, are centered, according to the organization, to respond to “an environment of increasing deficit of professionals and technical abilities”.

The first of these services (Cisco Business Critical Services) aims to help minimize human error through advanced analytics, automation and compliance capabilities. According to company estimates, it could help reduce downtime to 74%, solve problems 41% faster and reduce operating costs by up to 21%.

On the other hand, Cisco High-value Services helps to improve the use of software environments, solutions and network. “It strengthens support services with analytical capabilities, best practices and scalability to gain greater value from IT investments.” In the words of Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins, “to succeed, businesses must have the right mix of IT talent and services and harness the capabilities of artificial intelligence to solve the most critical challenges.”