Who has not tasted ginger and its unmistakable refreshing taste. However, little is known about its great attributes for beauty . Being rich in vitamins, essential oils, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids, it is really effective to care for hair and stimulate its growth .

Root Properties for Hair Care

The properties of ginger to prevent hair loss is due to the fact that it has a great capacity to stimulate the blood flow of the scalp , favoring circulation and stimulating hair follicles and, therefore, growth. In addition, the fatty acids of this root are suitable for those people who have a fine hair, as it helps in the restoration and optimal care.

To make matters worse, dandruff can cause hair loss, which leads us to resort to expensive treatments to avoid it. But in some cases they manage to be very abrasive that irritate the skin, or, some are no good. So ginger is a remedy to get rid of dandruff , as it has natural antiseptic properties, being an effective complement.

How the treatment is made

To do this remedy you need a tablespoon of grated ginger and a tablespoon of jojoba oil or olive oil. Then just mix them until you get a creamy and uniform paste. Then apply on damp hair and perform a deep and energetic massage for a few minutes on the scalp to stimulate blood flow . After a while you will feel a hot sensation, it will be an indicator that the mission is being fulfilled. Wait 5 more minutes and rinse with warm water.

So wherever you see ginger is a root with great virtues for health inside and out . So if you want to show off a spectacular hairstyle , start with this remedy and be constant to have results in a few days.