Despite being little known, the New Zealand company manufactures wireless load modules capable of carrying out power transfers of up to 100 watts.

Apple has acquired , according to a report from New Zealand-based news site ,   the New Zealand company PowerbyProxi specialized in wireless charging solutions, although the sum of money of the operation has not been made official.

The company was founded in 2007 by entrepreneur Fady Mishriki as a company derived from the University of Auckland and specializes in small modules that meet the Qi standards that allow the transfer of wireless energy to larger devices such as robots, drones and equipment doctors.

Apple confirmed the acquisition to in an unusual move for the iPhone maker , who generally issues a recycled statement that neither confirms nor denies that an acquisition was made. The action was carried out in a statement by the company’s senior vice president of hardware engineering Dan Riccio , says “the team will be a great extra as Apple works to create a wireless future . 

With the introduction of the iPhone 8, iPhone X and Apple Watch Series 3 last September, Apple introduced its vision of a simplified form of charging that works with the Qi industry standardand, at least in part, warrants its removal from the socket headphones and their investments in Bluetooth accessories. To that end, Apple plans to also launch a cargo mat , which will be released next year, called AirPower that will simultaneously charge any iPhone with glass support and Apple Watch along with AirPods wireless headphones .

It is unclear exactly how PowerbyProxi will help Apple in its ambitions , and whether Apple will close the company’s business operations. But the New Zealand company manufactures wireless charging modules capable of 100-watt power transfers , suggesting that Apple could integrate wireless charging technology into larger, more power-hungry devices like the MacBook. “The team and I are very excited to join Apple,” says Mishriki of PowerbyProxi. “There is a strong alignment with our values, and we are excited to continue our growth in Auckland and contribute to the great innovation in wireless charging coming out of New Zealand.”