Although our country has announced that it has not yet thought about when it will begin to develop the 5G network, that does not mean that plans are not contemplated to prove it. In fact, the Government has already announced that it will enable a band – the 3.5GHz band – so that Spanish operators can test. A technology called to revolutionize the way we communicate.

 I have seen things that you would not believe,” Roy Batty (Rutger Hauer) tells a startled and still distraught-before those words he was about to give a garbeo for eternity- Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) in the end of Ridley Scott’s mythical Blade Runner . And we are about to see them. In the form of 5G. A technology that will revolutionize the way we communicate, exchange files and documents or enjoy our free time. Almost like saying we will see ships in flames beyond Orion or Rays C shining near the gate of Tannhäuser. More or less.

When? That is the unknown. First, because the Government has already warned, and with good logic, that before implementing the 5G, the development of 4G and fixed broadband must be completed. Obviously necessary, more with the number of rural areas, forgotten, geographic and technological wastelands are lost – 30% of the population still does not have that technology. However, the European Union marks 2020 as the year of the kick-off for this technology, with antennas already installed and in tests and some big city enjoying the 5G in similar terms. A sigh, seeing how fast time passes.

And while there are already countries – Japan, Singapore, South Korea … – that have launched a race to see which is the first country to implement the 5G, Spain is not that it will be left to remain idle to complete the infrastructure 4G. The Government has already announced that it will enable the 3.5 GHz band. The objective is that Spanish operators can test in 5G, although it is still early to talk about auctioning the frequencies that will support the communications of the new services . In this sense, the Executive of Rajoy has already allocated a budget of 570,000 euros for the study of the release of the band 700 Mhz for 5G. And, as the Minister of Industry, Tourism and Digital Agenda, Álvaro Nadal explains, “without international standards we can not do the whole deployment.