Flexibility and balanced work are in greater demand by IT job seekers, and they also speed up the selection processes demanded by companies.

Are you looking for a way to contact and hire great talent for your organization? Textio increased platform Textio deepened in the data of the job offer to reveal what are the needs that demand this type of candidates and in which cases they were hiring faster.

Silicon Valley strives to attract and retain this type of technological talent, to the point of allowing employees to take their pets to the office, to perform massages in the workplace, or to encourage them with prepared meals. But what benefits are really of interest to the talent you are trying to hire ? And which ones help you close the contract with that talent? The augmented writing platform Textio analyzed between more than 300 million jobs to see what benefits really attract IT job seekers and accelerate recruitment time.

As a result, flexibility and balanced work are in greater demand on the part of IT job seekers , and they also accelerate the time to hire companies, according to the Textio data. Thus, the following five benefit factors are presented as ” essential elements ” to be competitive in the hiring of technological talent.

1. Time for yours

Being able to take time off from work to care for a child, a parent already of great age, a spouse or partner, or another family member in need is a critical benefit for job seekers . And the companies that offer this advantage get an immediate response to their demand, according to the analysis made by Textio.

2. Adoption license

The adoption process is not only expensive, it is extremely long and time consuming. Potential adoptive parents need a lot of time for applications , trips, interviews, evaluations, home visits and the like, not to mention the time to bond with a new family member or members once it is completed the adoption Companies that offer this type of permit can perform functions fasterthan companies that do not, according to Textio data.

3. Gym on the premises

“Clearly, leaving is important, but if you must have a ‘Silicon Valley-style’ benefit in the offer, it must be a gym in place,” says Snyder. The data in the report also shows that companies that offer a gym on-site occupy positions 19.7 days faster than companies that do not offer this benefit.

4. Performance-based incentives

From cash bonuses, to stock options, profit sharing and other incentives, companies that offer these types of benefits can expect to fill vacant positions 19.5 days faster than companies that do not, according to the analysis of Textio

5. Family permit

Whether candidates need time to care for their children, parents, spouses, partners, siblings or any other family-related situation , this more general license benefit can offer that flexibility. Organizations that offer this benefit can expect to complete the functions available 17.5 days faster than companies that do not, according to Textio’s analysis .