Let’s be honest: we do not always look at the clock, throwing another piece in our mouth. And there is nothing wrong with that. But sometimes after eating we feel discomfort, there is bloating, colic, and over time comes and overweight. It turns out that all this is not just for fun.

Sometimes this or that food, eaten at the wrong time, can cause trouble. But do not worry, now you can correctly distribute the products in time, and your body will get the maximum benefit from them.
And that’s what time better and worse suits different products.

1. Curd

The best time is day:

  • helps digestion;
  • calms the digestive system.

The worst time is the evening:

  • especially not recommended if you are prone to colds;
  • promotes the formation of mucus.

2. Rice

The best time is day:

  • During the day, metabolism is much faster, which makes it possible to burn all the calories from carbohydrates.

The worst time is the evening:

  • promotes weight gain.

3. Apple

The best time is morning:

  • thanks to the fiber content (pectin) apples promote good work of the gastrointestinal tract and prevent constipation;
  • pectin eliminates carcinogens.

The worst time is in the evening and before bedtime:

  • organic acids will cause increased acidity and discomfort in the stomach;
    pectin will create a load for the digestive system at night.

4. Sweets

The best time is morning:

insulin, which is produced by our body, better fights sugar in the mornings;

for the whole day there will be many opportunities to spend calories.

The worst time is the evening:

  • sugar promotes weight gain;
  • sugar will have an irritating effect on the digestive system, which will lead to restless sleep.

5. Bananas

The best time is at lunch:

  • thanks to high fiber content, bananas help digestion;
  • bananas – natural antacids (reduce acidity), contributing to the neutralization of heartburn.

The worst time is late at night:

  • can lead to the formation of mucus and colds;
  • eaten on an empty stomach, bananas can lead to its frustration due to the high content of magnesium.

. Beans

The best time is evening:

  • fiber-rich beans, beans and lentils help digestion and lower cholesterol levels;
  • Studies have proven that they contribute to a good sleep.

The worst time is morning:

  • eating in the morning or in the day, fiber-rich legumes, you risk irritating your appetite and subsequently eat extra calories.

7. Walnut

The best time is evening:

  • they contain many useful substances, including omega-3 fats and antioxidants;
  • it is proved that they improve the state of the brain.

The worst time is morning / day / night:

  • at this time of day walnuts will be of less use to the body.

8. Figs and apricots

The best time is early morning:

  • accelerate the metabolism;
  • start the digestive system.

The worst time is the evening:

  • lead to indigestion and the formation of gases.

9. Cheese

The best time is early morning:

  • for some vegetarians this is an excellent substitute for meat;
  • in moderate amounts prevents weight gain and bloating.

The worst time is the evening:

  • difficult for digestion, cheese can lead to indigestion and weight gain.

10. Milk

The best time is at night:

  • warm milk calms the body and improves sleep.

The worst time is morning:

  • without following a significant physical load, milk is difficult for digestion, which can shift your eating schedule.

This kind of a schedule exists for food and our organism. Of course, no one can force us to eat this way, but, as they say, who is forewarned is armed.

Be healthy!